Support Us Volunteer with Us FAQs


In this section, we address some of the questions you may ask when deciding whether to take on voluntary work.

Q1: A group of us would like to volunteer together. Do you accept group volunteers? If so, how do we go about doing it?

A: Yes, we do consider such requests. You may wish to contact us at 6753 7331 or email to, providing your particulars such as age, occupational status, organisation, group size, frequency of voluntary service, the nature of activities you wish to organise, etc.

Q2: Do volunteers undergo training?

A: Yes. Regular volunteers involved in direct service delivery with our beneficiaries such as children, youth and families will receive training and supervision, and where appropriate, ad hoc project volunteers will also be trained.

Q3: Do volunteers have to go through any screening procedures before they are formally recruited?

A: Volunteers who are involved in direct service (i.e. volunteers who work directly with children, youth or families) will first have to undergo an interview. Once that is cleared, they will undergo a security screening conducted by Singapore Children’s Society or the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). This screening procedure will take approximately one month.

Q4: What is the commitment level required of volunteers?

A: We generally hope that our volunteers will be able to commit for a minimum period of six months to one year. However, we also have projects and events which are suitable for people who wish to volunteer on an ad hoc or one-time basis e.g. fundraising events.

Q5: I would like to volunteer my time, however, as I hold a full time job, I can only do so after working hours on weekdays, or over the weekends. Is there anything that can cater to people like me?

A: We may have volunteering openings on weekends. Please refer to our Volunteering Vacancies webpage for more details.

Q6: I am currently unemployed, and would like to volunteer my time with your organisation. At the moment, my schedule is rather flexible. However, I am not sure how the situation will be like once I start work. Is it possible to re-arrange my volunteer schedule with the centre should the need arise?

A: We will review this on case by case basis. You may like to discuss with our Centres' volunteer coordinators regarding your concern.

Q7: I would like to volunteer, but I do not know what I can help out in. Do you have anything that can cater to new volunteers?

A: Not to worry about being a newbie. There is training and supervision provided by our staff. We invite you to talk with our volunteer coordinators who can advise you on an appropriate placement. New volunteers can also try out in areas which can draw on your expertise, talents and interests.

Q8: I would like to expose my children to the underprivileged. Can I bring them along to the Centres to volunteer?

A: We generally do not encourage parents to bring along their children especially very young ones. This is to avoid any possible conflict of interest that may arise in the course of volunteering. If you have any concerns in this area, you may wish to discuss this with your Centre’s volunteer coordinator.

Q9: What should I consider before volunteering with your organisation?

A: You may want to consider your preference for working with children or youth, available timings, i.e. time of the day and which day of the week, whether your significant others support your wish to volunteer, duration of service, sedentary or physically active preference, preference to work in a group with other volunteers or otherwise, as well as your knowledge, skills and interests.

Q10: I am not too sure whether I will be suitable in the programme; can I try it out first before committing to it?

A: We invite you to have a chat with our Centres' volunteer coordinators to discuss your concerns.

Q11: I am a 15-year-old student. I am keen to volunteer. Is there any age limit to become a volunteer?

A: Generally, our volunteers have to be at least 16 years of age. However, we do have volunteering programmes that are suitable for younger volunteers. You may want to discuss with our volunteer coordinators on these opportunities.

Q12: I am a foreigner and only speak English. Can I volunteer?

A: Of course, you can volunteer. We appreciate any skills and expertise that you can share with our children.

Q13: I have no special skills and knowledge and have no past experience in volunteering. How do I start?

A: You have already started by taking the first step to make enquiries. Our volunteer coordinator can arrange to meet up with you to discuss our needs and your concerns.

Q14: What is the Code of Conduct for volunteers?

A: Children’s Society welcomes compassionate volunteers who join us in bringing relief and happiness to our beneficiaries. For the best interests of our beneficiaries, we request volunteers to kindly observe our code of conduct for volunteers. Please click here to download our Code of Conduct for Volunteers.