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70th Anniversary

Singapore Children’s Society was established in 1952 by a group of civic-minded citizens and expatriates to help malnourished, poor, abused, and neglected children. In 1956, we set up a Convalescent Home along the Changi seafront for sick children to convalesce. From our humble beginnings, our services have progressed and evolved to meet the changing needs of children in our society.

Today, as one of Singapore’s established children’s charities with more than 10 service centres islandwide, we protect and nurture children and youth of all races and religions as well as families in need. 

Our Organisation Logo

The paper cut-out figures exemplify the innate nature of the child whose perceptions have not yet been shaped by life’s experiences. The figures are linked to each other as children are linked to family, the community and society – and to the past and the future to which they are reaching out. 

The blue symbolises a sense of security and serenity. Complementing the figures, the Baskerville typeface is executed in a calming shade of soft grey. The weight and positioning are balanced with the visual of the two children to show that Children’s Society is sensitive to the needs of children and their families. 

The tag line “Caring for the Future” communicates the forward-looking nature of our organisation, and that which it tries to instil in the minds of the children to motivate them.

Our Anniversary Logo

As this is a joyous and significant milestone, the colour orange was used to symbolise feelings of enthusiasm, warmth, and joy. The gap in the number zero demonstrates our continuous journey in embracing our mission to bring relief and happiness to children in need. A modern stroke was also applied to the logo to reflect how we have kept up with times during the past 70 years.

Our tagline ’70 years of bringing hope and smiles’ conveys what we have achieved thus far, collectively with the support of our stakeholders, for our next generation. Together, the anniversary tagline and logo aptly celebrate our heritage, values and growth, as we strive towards being a leading edge organisation in promoting the well-being of children in need.