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70th Anniversary Commemorative Book

In celebration of Singapore Children’s Society’s 70th Anniversary in 2022, we published a special commemorative book entitled ‘By Your Side: 70 Years of Journeying Together’. This 70th Anniversary Commemorative book showcases the journey that the Society has taken with its beneficiaries and is a tribute to all who have dedicated their time to us over the years. Besides documenting the challenges and successes of the Society’s work, it also includes testimonials from past and present beneficiaries, staff and volunteers. Click the book cover below to read this publication.

Memories and Messages

Throughout our 70th Anniversary year, we have received many precious wishes, messages, hopes and memories from people whose lives we have touched over the decades. On this special occasion, we have compiled some of the heartfelt birthday wishes shared by our beneficiaries, volunteers and staff into a video below.

For our 70th Anniversary year, we also embarked on a Children’s Voices Project to gather children and youth’s voices on what their parents/teachers/caregivers do that make them smile and what are their hopes and dreams for the future.

As every voice creates a ripple, we wanted to use this project to let their Voice be heard, share their Opinion, express their Idea, dare to make Changes, Empower themselves and inspire others.  We received many innovative and heart warming submissions which were compiled into a video below and shared for the first time at our 70th Anniversary Learning Festival.