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Our services have evolved over the decades to meet the changing needs of society. Today, we operate more than 10 service centres islandwide to support our work in four broad service categories. By focusing on these four service categories, we seek to accomplish our mission of bringing relief and happiness to children in need.

With our mission at the heart of our work, we seek to accomplish eight service goals as listed below. The first five goals are what we hope to achieve through our direct service work. These are supported and complemented by research and advocacy embedded in our practice, presented as the final three goals.

  1. Children and youth will thrive and be resilient despite the impact of adverse childhood experiences.

  2. Regardless of their background, all children will have equal opportunities to realise their potential.

  3. As they move into adulthood, youth will develop positively into responsible and healthy young adults.

  4. Children and youth who are in contact with the legal system will be accorded due process; their needs will be met, and their voices heard.

  5. Caregivers will be resilient and empowered to manage current and future challenges so that their children and youth are able to grow and develop in positive environments.

  6. Children, youth and families’ needs will be addressed by services and programmes that are informed by research.

  7. Issues and gaps that are identified from our service delivery and research are advocated for meaningfully

  8. Children and youth are given opportunities to voice their views and contribute to issues concerning their future