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Vulnerable Children and Youth

Protecting Children and Youth who are Abused and/or Severely Neglected

We provide fundamental care and guidance for vulnerable children and youth where suitable, collaborate with families to provide safe, stable and permanent care, and with each child’s best interests at heart.

We run the Reunification Service to help children and young persons in out-of-home care be reunified with their birth families in a safe and timely manner.

Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society is a residential home and gazetted place of safety for children who have been abused and neglected and in need of protection, or whose parents are unable to provide proper care.

The children’s welfare, safety and needs are at the centre of its care. The Centre provides a home-like and loving environment for children aged between 2 and 21. It prepares our beneficiaries and their families for reunification through casework and counselling. For those who are unable to reunite with their families, Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society provides a wide range of programmes to develop their strengths and skills to help facilitate a smoother transition when beneficiaries are discharged from the Centre and on their own as young adults.