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Family Services

Supporting and Strengthening our Families in Need

We support and strengthen families in need by working together with them.

Children’s Society helps children, youth and families through casework and counselling at our service centres such as Yishun Family Service @ Children’s Society. It is normally provided when individuals or families are in crisis or under distress. The services may involve conducting interviews with individuals, couples and/or family members, making assessments and carrying out intervention
plans. The services are provided by trained social service practitioners.

The goal of the service is to help individuals or families to develop insights into their situations, and better problem-solving and coping methods in handling and resolving their difficulties. Through receiving the service, individuals and families are helped to
regain stability and independence.

Working closely with medical social workers of restructured hospitals and agencies, we provide subsidies for treatments and rehabilitative care for chronically ill children. Beneficiaries would include infants, children and adolescents up to 19 years of age.

Working with the Ministry of Education, Children’s Society counsels both children and parents on the importance of proper schooling and helps them with difficulties they face. Through the programme, we provide assistance to families who failed to register their child for school or send their child to school for the required six years. A child of ‘compulsory school age’, i.e. above the age of 6 and below 15, and is a Singapore citizen residing in Singapore, has to attend a national primary school, unless exempted.

In 2020, we were appointed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) as the Social Service Agency anchoring KidSTART in the Bedok and Geyland Serai regions. 

KidSTART is a programme by KidSTART Singapore Ltd. that provides upstream support to children 6 years and below from low-income families. It aims to give children a good start in life by empowering families to build strong foundations for their children and foster positive child development outcomes. Under KidSTART, we provide support for child development, coordinate and strengthen holistic services for families where needed, and monitor the developmental progress of children from birth onwards. 

Visit for more information on KidSTART. 

Project Relate is a Prison referred parenting and visit coaching programme for inmates, their children aged seven to 16 and the children’s caregivers. The programme aims to develop empathy and positive communication skills amongst the family members. Families (subject to Prison’s approval) would be able to experience an open visit within the prison walls upon completion of the programme.

With the support of Yellow Ribbon Fund, Children’s Society works with the caregivers and children aged seven to twelve who have experienced the incarceration of a parent. The programme aims to nurture the cognitive, social and emotional development of the children through home-based tuition, case management, groupwork and family bonding activities. Caregivers are also engaged through a series of parenting workshops to enhance their parenting capacity.