When her husband’s job sent the family to Singapore, British national Ms Kim Whyte was determined to find ways to give back to their host country.

“I wanted to feel part of Singapore and meet Singaporeans. I also wanted to contribute towards helping a wonderful and worthwhile charity,” says the winner of the Society’s “Winnie the Pooh – Most Caring Award”. The award was given out as part of our Tribute to Volunteers event held on 20 November 2021.

She knew she wanted to help children in some way. An online search led her to Tinkle Friend – and she was immediately drawn to the prospect of being there for a child in need of a listening ear.

Listening ear to children: Volunteer Kim Whyte, winner of our Tribute to Volunteers 2021 “Winnie the Pooh – Most Caring Award”

Kim volunteers for at least two, and sometimes up to four, sessions a month when the team requires more support.

She loves everything about being a volunteer, she says, including how welcoming and helpful the Tinkle Friend team always is. She admits that she had some reservations, but her advice to anyone considering volunteering is to “just try it”.

“I was worried at first as I wasn’t tech savvy, but the team is always around to lend a helping hand,” she says.

For Kim, what is most rewarding is knowing that she is making a difference to the children. “Making their lives a little easier in some way is so rewarding, whether it’s boosting their confidence or making them laugh.”

When a child ends the chat saying, ‘Thanks Tinkle Friend, you have made me so much happier’, I feel better.”

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