“A wonderful compilation of thought-provoking lectures captured over the past seven years – questions are re-casted and answered with a current-day lens. This publication provides much needed discourse on systemic issues affecting children and youth in Singapore. A highly recommended read!” – Ms Anita Fam, President, National Council of Social Services

Singapore Children’s Society has launched a second volume of collected lectures by distinguished speakers on various aspects of childhood.

Second edition: Mr Koh Choon Hui, Chairman of Singapore Children’s Society, and Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development & Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration at the launch of the second volume

Launched at our 70th Anniversary Learning Festival, the book contains the personal narratives and professional insights of our speakers, as well as their responses to questions from the public on issues faced by children, youth and families in Singapore.

Over the decades, there have been dramatic changes to what it means to grow up in Singapore, whether in terms of education and healthcare, or social services and legislation. The resources available to children and their families have also evolved.

Like the first volume, the second volume of ‘Thinking of Children’ shines a light on the everyday lived realities of children in Singapore, and how we, as a community, remain nimble and creative in finding solutions for the challenges they face.

To purchase the book, send an email to: info@childrensociety.org.sg.

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