Learning to cope with anger and frustration is an essential life skill, and during the June holidays, a group of six pre-teens spent time learning to identify their anger triggers and anger body signals. Rather than lash out, they were taught coping mechanisms like deep breathing, getting in touch with their five senses, and identifying their social support system.

Organised by Community Services and Programmes @ Children’s Society, Storm Riders is aimed at equipping children aged 9 to 12 with the skills to manage their anger and work out disagreements in a safe way. Storm Riders also empowers children with problem-solving skills. With these skills, children are better able to build and maintain good relationships with others.

The programme was held in a hybrid format, with four sessions held at our Bishan Service Office and four held over Zoom

Quelling anger: Participants of Storm Riders pick up useful skills to calm the rage 

Participants’ parents are sent a newsletter after each session, with updates on what their child has learnt. They also receive tips that they can implement at home to reinforce the skills the programme teaches. Takeaways include:
–    Being aware of a child’s anger triggers to avoid triggering them unintentionally, and to be able to sidestep situations that might trigger them
–    Looking out for anger body signals, so as to be more attuned with the child’s feelings
–    Reminding a child of coping strategies or even doing exercises like deep breathing together, and guiding them along

Mdm Tan*, parent of a 9 year old participant John* noticed the impact of the session on her son, saying that “Now when we see him getting angry, we will try to remind him what he has learnt and can see he tried to apply. So his anger now will diffuse faster”. 

For information on future runs of Storm Riders and other tips on managing a child’s anger, follow us on Instagram @sgchildrensoc

*Names have been changed to protect the beneficiaries’ identities 

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