Young Mum’s HDB Wish Comes True

December 2018

A home to call their own for Erfan Alfian and his mother Ms Nor Haifizriana.

At 14, most young women worry about school, friends, clothes and make-up. But for Ms Nor Haifizriana, or Ana, life took a very different turn. She fell into bad company, and sought comfort in the company of an older boy. She ended up pregnant.

Her family did not support her decision to keep the baby, and the father refused to take responsibility.

“I felt scared, upset (and) stressed,” remembers Ana, now 22 and a single mother. She was not financially equipped to provide for a baby, and when Erfan was born, the number of people sharing the family 3-room-flat grew to nine. Ana yearned for some space for her little family, but didn’t qualify for a rental flat.

She worried about Erfan’s future. “As a mother I felt sad. I knew then that I needed to start doing something so I could provide a better life for my child.”

Childcare issues eventually brought her to Yishun Family Service @ Children’s Society. And then, a year ago, she met social worker Ms Sushilah Hamdan. Ms Hamdan helped Ana secure financial support, employment and care for Erfan, and imparted some important life skills.

Things started to improve. Ana landed a job as a full-time trainee educarer at PCF Sparkletots. She also received funding to do a Higher Certificate in Infant Care, allowing her to eventually work as an educarer.

With Ms Hamdan’s help, Ana also submitted an appeal to the Housing and Development Board for a rental flat. In November, her application was approved, and she and her son will soon have a new place to call home.

“Though the future is uncertain and parenting will always be a challenge, I will never give up on my son. I want him to have a brighter future and to always be happy,” Ana said.

Ms Hamdan’s advice to Ana is to always remain hopeful: “Continue to look forward, never give up and persevere. Remember, when life shuts a door, it opens a window.” 

For more on Ana’s story, visit to watch our video.


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