Treasures Galore at Children's Society Free Market

September 2019

For one eight-year-old beneficiary from Yishun Family Service @ Children’s Society, a trip to the Free Market Family Fiesta on 24 August turned out to be his “best birthday ever”.

During the Saturday morning outing at the Chong Pang Community Club, he and his family loaded up on a cartful of treasures, from stationery and apparel to groceries and electrical appliances. 

Members of the public had donated all items, which were made available to over 200 people who came for the event.

More fun moments were to be had at our game booths, where they played ‘Ring Toss’ and ‘Stacko Challenge’ as family-teams. They could also help themselves to free popcorn and cotton candy.

On behalf of our beneficiaries, thank you to everyone who contributed to the event’s success.

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