Thank you, KidzSHinE!

March 2020

When 11-year-old Lakshitaa first joined the KidzSHinE programme, she mainly kept to herself or played with her iPad.

But during the nine-month-long drop-in programme, part of Community Services & Programmes @ Children’s Society, she began warming up to people. Her social circle expanded, and she became more comfortable with making new friends, initiating conversations and inviting others to join her. 

Because she became more open to ideas and seeking help, her in-programme hobby – making cupcakes – improved as well, earning her a certificate for 'Most Perseverance' in achieving her goals.

“She loves to attend KidzSHinE, where she can cook… and have lots of fun,” said her mother, Mdm Sugasini.

Lakshitaa was one of 34 children who attended the centre-based programme in 2019. The programme, which takes in children between nine and 12, ran five days a week from March to November.

Based on Kenneth Ginsburg’s Theory of Resilience, it focuses on the 7Cs that help build resilience among children and youth: Confidence, Competence, Coping, Control, Character, Connection, and Contribution. 

The children participate in free play, cooking, homework, and other planned group activities. They are given opportunities to take on leadership roles, drive the direction of activities, hone their decision-making skills, and take responsibility for their decisions. 

For many, the KidzSHinE experience was something to look forward to, like 11-year-old Megat, who was “always wanting to rush to go to KidzSHinE”, said his grandmother and caregiver Cik Sarepah.

“Nothing beats seeing the children learning to look out for and respecting one another irrespective of their differences. They root for one another, forge a common identity, create a sense of belonging, and voluntarily own up to and apologise for mistakes,” said Senior Social Worker Ms Koh Wah Khoon. 

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