Thank You, Captain!

March 2016

They make the wheels of the bus go round and round all through the day and even on public holidays, and for that, the children from Children Service Centre wanted to say a big thank you to bus captains.

Forty 9- to 12-year-olds from the KidzSHinE programme headed to the Bedok and Tampines interchanges on 20 November 2015 to present 160 hand-made thank-you cards and snacks to their heroes.

“I was so surprised by the children. It is really a good feeling to know that my work is appreciated!” said 67-year-old senior bus captain Muthiah s/o Periayanan, who has worked with SBS Transit for the past 33 years.

The children were equally thrilled to get up close to their heroes.

“I was so excited to see the bus captains happy. They help us a lot by driving the buses. Otherwise I would not be able to get to where I want to go so easily,” said 9-year-old Firdaus.

Programme Coordinator from Children’s Society, Ms Aishwariyaa Rajandra, added: “Bus captains are a group of people we see every day but may not remember to thank. They are our everyday unsung heroes and we wanted an opportunity for our children to give something back.”  


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