Successful Recruitment Drive of KidzLive Volunteers

July 2016

The Public Education team from our Research and Outreach Centre has trained nine more volunteers, allowing our sexual abuse prevention programme to be extended to even more pre-school children.

In December 2015, the centre held a recruitment drive, inviting interested volunteers to attend an information session, and to observe the ‘KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself’ programme in action at pre-schools. The volunteers also attended a half-day training workshop on 4 March 2016, during which they were familiarised with the KidzLive programme, and were taught how to conduct it. They also did mock presentations of the programme for the Public Education team.

Ms Noraini Kahn, one of the nine volunteers, said: “The KidzLive programme is empowering for both the children and me. The training was engaging and eye-opening, and prepared me to take on the role of programme facilitator.”

Singapore Children’s Society has been running the KidzLive programme in pre-school centres since 2011. This one-hour programme teaches five- and six-year-olds to identify private body parts, distinguish between good and bad touches, and what to tell a trusted adult if they are touched inappropriately.

KidzLive reached out to more than 1,300 children from 47 pre-school centres in 2015.


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