Putting Limits to Test 

June 2018

Our youth from RoundBox @ Children’s Society created The Mettle Challenge to challenge their fitness and endurance limits, but also came away with lessons on overcoming hurdles and obstacles in their own lives. 


The organising committee of 17 youth spent two months putting together the inaugural charity fitness event which took place at Bishan Active Park on 9 December 2017Close to 120 participants took part, raising over $7,000 for children in need through participation fees, event sponsorships and outright donations. 


Participants either took on the Individual Challenge, or formed groups of three for the Team Challenge. They had to complete a series of fitness tests, including box jumps and rope slams, at each of the six stations. They also got a chance to work out with and get to know,their fellow youth beneficiaries at each station. 


RoundBox is one of Children’s Society’s three youth drop-in centres. 


Mr Seah Kian Peng, Member of Parliament, Marine Parade GRC, was the Guest-of-Honour 


Thirteen-year-old Muhammad Asyraf Bin Mazlan was delighted to have the chance to participate. The event gave me the chance to challenge myself to overcome obstacles and push my boundaries. As I trained for the event, I really found myself becoming fitter and stronger, he said. 


Ms Charmaine FrancescTan, Assistant Director/Head of RoundBox @ Children’s Society, explained that RoundBox’s sports focus allows it to not only connect with youth, but empower them with values that will shape them into better adults. 


The Mettle Challenge is a platform for youth to showcase, and adults to mentor, traits such as grit, determination and the unbridled desire to power through to the end despite obstacles we will face, the pain we will experience, and where we come from. We are all here to take up a challenge and succeed.” 


The second run of The Mettle Challenge will be held on 21 July 2018. More information can be found at 





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