Paying Kindness Forward

July 2014

Raffles Girls’ School student Isabel Toh and her fellow volunteer were braving the heat to collect donations from the public in Buona Vista when a lady approached the duo with some cold drinks.

It was a welcomed act of care on a day that the heat felt relentless, but also a lesson on spreading kindness during their volunteering stint at Singapore Children’s Society’s annual Flag Day on 19 April.

Not long after the duo pressed on, a renewed sense of purpose in their step, they encountered an old lady selling packets of tissue. She insisted on giving them a dollar for their efforts, even though her “business” could ill afford it.

Isabel decided that the best possible way to pay forward the act of kindness was to give the old lady the cold drink she had just received.

“The happiness shining from her eyes was priceless,” says Isabel. “I both experienced and witnessed how a small act of kindness can go a long way in making someone’s day! I’m sure she will continue to pay the kindness forward.”

Close to 690 volunteers participated in the Flag Day event, collecting their donation bags from Jalan Besar Community Club that morning. They fanned out to 24 locations islandwide in their bid to help Children’s Society in its fund-raising effort.

Thank you to all our supporters for your contributions!


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