Our Youth Choose to 'Be the Change' for YouthGIG

June 2018

Over 30 beneficiaries from Jurong Youth Centre drove a series of activities through the year that allowed them to ‘Be the Change’, their theme for the 2017 instalment of YouthGIG, Children Society’s annual concert. 

Rather than a one-off performance, the activities  held in conjunction with our 65th anniversary  were spread throughout the yearallowing our youth to play a more active role in planning and executing events.  


There was a strong focus on giving back to the community. Our youth distributed food rations to families in need and children whose parents were incarcerated, volunteered to paint the yellow warning lines on steps along pedestrian walkways, and organised a family bonding day for children in the neighbourhood.  


Such activities have helped some of the youth beneficiaries come out of their shells, said Mr Benedict Kuah, Deputy Director/Head at Jurong Youth Centre, citing 13-year-old Xin Heng, an introvert by nature, as an example. 


“He challenged himself in an operations role for YouthGIG 2017, and was also an usher at the 65th Anniversary Conference. He has proven that he is capable of so much more, and we believe in him, Mr Kuah said. 


YouthGIG concluded with a three-day camp in December, which, among other things, challenged the youth to connect with others without their mobile devices. They also had a chance to showcase the good deeds that they had done throughout the year. 



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