Octogenarian Makes $25,000 Donation

December 2018

Eighty-one-year-old Mr Govindan Samy gets around on public transport and often gives restaurants a miss. He has not bought himself any new clothes in the last five years, and washes his old ones by hand to make them last longer – some of his current shirts were bought in the late 70s.

He does not own a washing machine, although his savings would easily afford him one.

The money that the octogenarian has been earning – working 12-hour night shifts six days a week as a senior security officer at a condominium – was destined for a much greater cause.

To mark his 80th birthday in December last year, Mr Govindan made a $25,000 donation to Singapore Children’s Society.

“I wanted to make a special contribution,” he said. “I have whatever I need. Whatever I have in excess, I want to donate to help those who need it more.” 

Thanking Mr Govindan for his contribution, Mr Alfred Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Children’s Society, said: “We are heartened to have individuals like Mr Govindan coming forward to help our children, youth and families in need. He is an inspiration to every one of us.”

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