Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow

June 2017

In a connected and changing world defined by disruption, Singapore’s youth need to learn to deal with uncertainty, overcome failure and see opportunities in challenges, says Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth. Ms Fu was speaking at the 10th Singapore Children’s Society Lecture at the National Museum of Singapore’s Gallery Theatre on 8 October 2016.

Titled ‘Our Children, Their Hopes and Future’, her lecture outlined how the world is evolving and how Singapore’s youth need to change their attitudes in order to lead in the new global economy.


While acknowledging that Singapore is what it is because of the resilience of its pioneers, new qualities will be demanded of those that lead the city-state into the next century, she said.

To succeed, youth will need three qualities: an enterprising spirit and an openness to risk-taking, a sense of curiosity about the world around us, and a shared interest in Singapore, she said.

“Each Singaporean must know that they have a stake in Singapore, and that they must contribute to it. It is not just a place to visit or reside in, but it is a place in which they have a sense of duty and responsibility,” she said, pointing to the work done by Singapore Children’s Society.

Initiatives like the Youth Corp Leaders’ Programme which aims to train 1,000 youth leaders by 2018, exchange programmes that allow exposure to various cultures, and the National Outdoor Adventure Education Master Plan, which will include an adventure camp for all Secondary 3 students from 2020, all help, she said.

But creating an environment that will ground youth in the right values remains a shared responsibility of the government, the youth themselves, their families and society at large, she stressed.

“If we do this right, not only will our children and youth find their way in the world, they will also become the leaders of tomorrow.”


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