Now Serving: VOX Café opens for a day 

March 2019

Our youth beneficiaries from VOX @ Children’s Society got a taste of working in the food and beverage industry when they opened and ran the “VOX café”, even if just for a day.

They managed everything from cooking to serving customers during an “open house” for 21 Chai Chee residents on Saturday, 16 February. The diners were served a main course, drink and dessert, and were asked for their feedback. To give our youth a complete taste of the real world, some customers were even prompted to be “difficult”. 

Despite that, our youth fared well, learning quickly how to work in a fast-paced environment, meet the demands of customers, and manage the expectations of supervisors and colleagues. 

Behind the single day of service was months of preparation about what goes into running a café well. They were guided by our staff and were taken through everything from food preparation to Service skills. Throughout, they received social, emotional and psychological support from our staff.

To find out more about the open house at VOX Café, watch this video.


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