Making A Positive IMPACT on the Environment

November 2016

Students from five Project CABIN centres faced off in creating worth from waste during the finale of Project IMPACT 2016 on 6 September.

A total of 38 students participated in the finale, held at Manjusri Secondary School. Bowen Secondary School emerged as champion, and Seng Kang Secondary School took second place.

This year’s theme was ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, and participants were encouraged to become environmental ambassadors through two programme components. They first participated in a ‘Free Market’, collecting pre-loved items from their peers and the community, and then organising a flea market at which over 1,500 items were made available for free to those who needed them.

The second component, called Home Makeover, involved using the remaining items to create useful products for the home.

The five teams got creative, pulling together what they could from the leftovers. The judges were most wowed by Bowen’s three creations for felines. The team of seven built a Cat Playground moulded from unused parts of a rocking horse, as well as a Cat Rocker and Cat Grooming Instrument Holder from unwanted pieces of cloth. They walked away with a plaque, hamper, movie vouchers and certificates of recognition.

Project IMPACT is a Values In Action-based inter-CABIN competition organised by Student Service Hub (Bukit Merah) for all CABIN Clubs and Project CABIN drop-in centres across Singapore.  


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