Learning to Teach Pre-schoolers Body Safety Skills

November 2016

The Public Education team from our Research and Outreach Centre are helping to better equip pre-school educators to teach children about basic sexuality, including learning to tell bad touches from good touches.

On 21 June, 16 educators from four pre-school centres and a community agency attended the half-day workshop, during which they were familiarised with the KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself programme, and learnt how to teach it.

An animated video entitled ‘April Learns to Protect Herself’ has also been created to illustrate the importance of empowering young children with 'body safety skills'. The three-minute video is available on Singapore Children’s Society’s Facebook page and YouTube channel at

Children’s Society has been running the KidzLive programme in pre-school centres since 2011. This one-hour programme teaches five- and six-year-olds to identify private body parts, distinguish between good and bad touches, and what to do if they are touched inappropriately.

Missionaries from All Saints’ Church have also used the programme to teach body safety skills to the children of Terang Bangsa Kindergarten in Surabaya, Indonesia, as part of their missionary work.


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