Learning to be Kinder at Camp iDENtity

June 2018

Twenty-eight child beneficiaries from DEN @ JYC got some lessons in kindness and gratitude during Camp iDENtity, held from 15 to 17 March at Sarimbun Scout Camp. 


During the camp, the nine- to 12-year-olds learnt about ‘ARK – Acts of Random Kindness, and the importance of being kind to others  and to oneself. They also learnt practical ways to exercise kindness 


They did this through a mix of hands-on adventures and structured group workEach group also put up a short skit centred around the ARK theme during the campfire on the second day.  


Three children – two selected by their peers and one by our staff  were awarded the title of ‘Jurong Youth Centre Kindness Ambassador’.


We are all really looking forward to putting the kindness tips into action, and to the next run of Camp iDENtity! 



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