KidzLive App to Help Parents, Teachers teach "Body Safety"

March 2019

                                                          The winning team from PayPal that created the KidzLive app.

Parents and teachers will soon have an app – KidzLive – that will help them broach the topic of sexual safety with their young children.

The app, developed in collaboration with PayPal during a November hackathon, is expected to be launched in both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores later this year. It will be an extension of Singapore Children’s Society’s existing "KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself" sexual abuse prevention programme.

The offline programme, which teaches body safety skills, helps children differentiate between “good” and “bad” touches, and teaches the “Not rules” -  to say No, walk Out, and Tell a trusted adult. More than 10,000 pre-school children have done the programme, held over two 45-minute sessions, since 2011.

The app, targetted at parents and teachers, builds on that programme. Beyond just a course, it will allow for a more consistent and sustainable long-term approach to empowering children, says Ms Lin Xiaoling, Deputy Director of the Children’s Society’s Research and Advocacy Department.

The app will provide insights into child sexual development, tips on recognising sexual predation, and information on what to share with children about sexual boundaries. There are also interactive quizzes, and resources - including videos - on broaching topics that may be uncomfortable.

Beyond the development of the app, the PayPal team has also built an administrative backend system to manage data on pre-schools and educators and has provided marketing advice for the KidzLive programme.

Thank you, Paypal, for bringing this app to life, and for helping us better protect our children.

Look out for updates on the app in our next issue. For more information on the 'KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself' programme, please visit

KidzLive app: A winning hackathon solution

  • On 22 and 23 November 2018, online payment systems company PayPal partnered with six non-profits organisations for its annual SG InnoWave Business Challenge and Opportunity Hack
  • Each organisation, including the Singapore Children’s Society’s Research and Advocacy Department, presented a problem statement and it is to increase the reach of child sexual abuse prevention messages to parents and educators, since they interact with children on a daily basis and are best-placed to reinforce body safety skills teaching.
  • During the 36-hour hackathon, held at Suntec City, participants – computer programmers and software developers - brainstormed and developed innovative tech-based solutions in response to the problem statements
  • The groups presented their work to a panel of expert judges
  • The team assigned to Children’s Society took the top spot


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