Happy 20th Anniversary, KidzLive!

March 2020

Projects are typically easy to start but difficult to sustain. Yet, KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself, the Society’s child sexual abuse prevention programme, has consistently grown in both scope and reach over the last 20 years.

Launched in 2000, KidzLive was created to combat child sexual abuse and empower children with body safety skills. Children are taught about the no-go parts of their bodies, to distinguish good from bad touches, and what to do about it.

Initially an interactive performance staged during school assemblies, KidzLive deployed elements such as storytelling and videos to teach primary schoolers the NOT rule: “Say ‘No’, walk Out, Tell a trusted adult." It was presented to more than 30,000 primary schoolers in its first decade. 

Early days: Staff members interact with students during the KidzLive programme at Woodlands Primary School 

With research and news reports pointing to sexual abuse happening to very young children, many of whom did not know what to do about it, our attention shifted to pre-schoolers in 2011. There was a need to bring this prevention programme to younger children, and in a more focussed manner.

Empowering the young: The KidzLive programme being delivered to pre-schoolers at Learninghill Educare in February 2019

Between 2011 and 2019, close to 11,000 pre-schoolers benefitted from the programme. KidzLive was also extended to include training for pre-school educators, parental outreach, and the development of a wider range of resources. These included a KidzLive information booklet, an animated video called ‘April Learns to Protect Herself’, and KidzLive mobile applications that provide information to parents, educators and other caregivers. 

Over 380 pre-school educators have been trained, and some 985 parents reached through a variety of platforms. Last year, the Society published the picture book, ‘Jun and the Octopus’, to help adults broach this topic with their young children. 

As it moves forward, KidzLive will continue to evolve so it remains relevant to the changing needs of society, said Ms Lin Xiaoling, Deputy Director of the Society’s Research and Advocacy Department. 

Happy 20th anniversary, KidzLive!

To mark this milestone, a number of activities have been planned for the year, including a charity walkathon in July themed on body safety. Follow our Facebook page for more details. 

KidzLive App: Now on the Apple iTunes Store

The KidzLive mobile application is now available to iOS users on the Apple iTunes store. It was launched in the Google Play Store on 26 November 2019. 

The app provides information and tips to parents, educators and other caregivers on how to equip young children with body safety skills and empower them with the confidence to broach difficult topics.

The mobile app features a quiz, addresses common concerns, highlights warning signs, and offers practical tips. Users are also pointed to other useful resources on this topic.

Download the app from either the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store today.

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