Giving Back to Our Volunteers

March 2016

Singapore Children’s Society got a chance to properly thank our volunteers, who help drive many of our initiatives, at our annual Tribute to Volunteers on 5 December 2015.

About 210 volunteers, donors, guests and Society staff were treated to a production of Voices of the Singapore River, put up by The Glowers Drama Group at the Ulu Pandan Community Club Theatrette.

Over 40 of the group’s members, all aged 50 and over, put together the production based on From the Belly of the Carp, a book of poems by Roger Jenkins.

Voices of the Singapore River, which was performed in English, Mandarin and local Chinese dialects, brought its audience back in time to meet the coolies, samsui women and rickshaw pullers whose sacrifices helped build the Singapore of today.

They were then treated to a buffet tea reception in the theatrette’s foyer.

A big thank you to our volunteers! 


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