Giving Back this Children’s Day

November 2016

Close to 140 children from three Singapore Children’s Society service centres marked Children’s Day this year by giving back to those in need.

They spent part of their September school holidays on community service, including showing appreciation to firefighters and construction workers by handing them bottled water and thank-you notes, as well as cleaning up the beach.

The activities culminated in a first inter-centre Children’s Day celebration, held at Henderson Community Club on 7 October.

At the two-hour party, our five- to 12-year-olds from Children Service Centre, Student Care Centre (Henderson) and Sunbeam Place were treated to fun and games, including Get the Birds – a life-sized version of the popular mobile game Angry Birds – and Chair Basketball. They also got to watch a clown and magician.

They then tucked into a sumptuous buffet lunch spread, including pizza and cupcakes, and received goodie bags filled with snacks and sweets to take home.

This is the first time the centres have held their celebrations jointly, allowing the beneficiaries to get to know one another while learning to work together. The community service exercise also taught them to be kind to those around them and not take anything for granted, said Mr Alfred Tan, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Children’s Society.

“Childhood is a journey. We should ensure that our children learn to appreciate the people and environment around them while they enjoy their growing up years,” said Mr Tan. “I wish all children a Happy Children’s Day!”


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