Give Children Room to Grow

December 2014

Borrowing a phrase from ‘The Prophet’ by Mr Kahlil Gibran, Mr Janadas Devan, who delivered the 8th Singapore Children’s Society Lecture, told his audience of close to 170 people: “Your Children Are Not Your Children”.

The Director of the Institute of Policy Studies and Chief of Government Communications at the Ministry of Communications and Information, highlighted the challenges of raising children while allowing them sufficient space to grow and develop their own identities.

Children, he said, were born with gifts and disabilities, but education, training, effort, discipline and ‘sweat’ ultimately determined the kinds of people they became.

“Apart from raising our children properly and giving them as much support as possible, one of the most difficult tasks of parenting comes when the raising is done and our children are ready to step out on their own.”

“For the parent-child relationship to thrive into adulthood, parents and children have to become friends,” he said.

The 8th Singapore Children’s Society Lecture was held at the Singapore Management University on 11 October.


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