For the Love of Reading 

July 2014

Reading might be fun for one, but it can be terrific in twos – or more.

That is why, since 6 January, Student Care Centre (Henderson) introduced daily Group Reading sessions, which help to cultivate the love of reading in our children and motivate them towards making reading a lifelong habit.

The themed half-hour sessions include ‘Buddy Reading’, ‘Activity Day’, ‘Mother Tongue Day’, ‘Current Affairs’ and ‘Sharing Moral Stories’.

For the Buddy Reading exercise, a younger child is paired with an older child, and they read a book together. This not only helps the younger one pick up the book’s concepts faster, but also helps instill a sense of responsibility in the older child.

And for the Current Affairs session, the children are encouraged to read newspapers. This helps to broaden their general knowledge and makes them aware of what is happening in the world. When they encounter words they do not know, they are taught to find out their meanings in a dictionary. 


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