Family Fun of Jurassic Proportions

July 2014

About 100 parents and their children were whisked back into the past on 16 February, when they got a chance to attend the Science Centre Singapore’s blockbuster exhibition ‘Titans of the Past: Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals’ as part of Yishun Family Day.

They were wowed by two life-sized dinosaur skeletons of the Argentinosaurus and the Giganotosaurus, and got a chance to see real fossils on display, including the largest T-Rex skull ever found.

Following the exhibition, they had a delicious meal that included pasta. Good weather plus the work of the Family Service Centre (Yishun) staff and four volunteers made the event an even bigger success.

Yishun Family Day is an annual affair which promotes and encourages family togetherness and bonding.


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