Embracing Diversity Through Tinkle Friend Camp

November 2016

A wallet goes missing, and the participants of Tinkle Friend Camp 2016 are tasked with playing detective and solving the mystery.

The first thing they find out is that reaching for stereotypes will get them nowhere.

‘Be Different – Embracing Differences’ was the theme of this year’s Tinkle Friend Camp, held from 1 to 3 June at Queenstown Community Centre.

The game was one of several camp activities that taught the 136 participants, aged 9 to 12, about listening to people and avoiding snap judgements. There were also workshops and performances geared towards teaching them care, empathy and respect.

Camp participants got a chance to make new friends, get closer to old ones, and pick up new knowledge and skills.

One participant, Shivashankar Vijayan, 10, said, “I learnt about friendship and team building. One important takeaway from the camp is that true friends are hard to come by.”


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