Cheryl Chew: From CABIN beneficiary to inspiring mentor

March 2019

Former Regent Secondary School student volunteer Cheryl Chew. 

Between her commitments at ITE College Central and at home, 22-year-old Cheryl Chew has a busy schedule. Still, the former Regent Secondary School student finds time to volunteer at her old school’s drop-in programme, CABIN, on a weekly basis. 

She helps staff run student programmes and mentors her juniors, sharing her story and encouraging them. Volunteering is her way of giving back, she says – as a student, she gained a lot from spending time at the CABIN. 

As a teen, Cheryl grappled with many issues, including keeping up with her schoolwork and – despite her cheery demeanour – making and keeping friends. She also had anger management issues and would lash out at those closest to her.

“I would shout at my friends when I was unhappy because I felt left out,” she remembers.

But she found support and help at the CABIN and learned to manage her anger better, becoming a more patient and positive person.

Cheryl has come a long way since she was a student, says Ms Nur Azmira Edora Binte R Azmi, a Singapore Children’s Society youth worker who watched her make the transition from a troubled youth to a valued volunteer who inspires others.

“The other students and I are very appreciative of her ideas, and wish her the best in her future endeavours,” says Ms Nur.

While volunteering does require some creative time management, Cheryl says she finds time for it in her busy schedule because it is important to her. 

“I hope to help my juniors as much as I can,” she says, adding that her ultimate hope is that they find ways to achieve their own hopes and dreams, as she has.

If, like Cheryl, you’d like to be a volunteer and make a difference to the youth, children and families we help, visit


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