Bully-busting From Every Angle

December 2020

Singapore Children’s Society continued to find safe, yet impactful ways to take our anti-bullying message to the community, bully-proofing a workout studio and prodding young people to reassess what they know about bullying.

On 3 October, Counsellors Mr Maathavan K and Ms Randee Wee from the Bully-Free team dropped by at F45 Training Jurong CBD to share tips with the trainers on how to identify, prevent, and manage bullying behaviour.

The idea was initiated by F45 Training Jurong CBD studio owner Ms Sarah Stuart, who plans to kick-start F45 Prodigy, training sessions targeted at youth aged between 11 and 18. To ensure these young trainees feel confident, assured, and safe, she wanted her trainers to be able to tune in to signs of bullying and know how to respond to incidents.

Counsellors Maathavan and Randee with F45 Training Jurong CBD’s trainers

F45’s trainers were brought up to speed on these, and also taught the psychological and physical impact of bullying on both victims and those who witness it. They learnt about the role they can play in prevention and response, and as role models and mentors. 

We also shared a customised tool that will allow them to gauge the severity of incidents, and know how to react, allowing the studio to put into place standardised protocols on responding to incidents.

It was an engaging and fruitful sharing session, and the Bully-Free team looks forward to more community collaborations in the future.

To bring home the anti-bullying message to younger children, we collaborated with the National Heritage Board to present Scribble Town, an interactive exhibition, which will continue to run until 31 January 2021.

On display at the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, it aims to raise awareness about bullying among children between 9 and 12, and both invites and provides answers to questions like: What counts as bullying? Can seemingly innocuous words and actions be hurtful to the people around us? What can we do when we witness bullying? And how can we all contribute to a bully-free culture?

The exhibition features 80 comic frames across three different stations – The Flying Mariner, Darkwoods Forest, and Bleak Mountain. Visitors follow the three characters – Scribblies Sam, Dan and Lydia – on their journey as they attempt to fix a ‘Colourwheel’ and save Scribble Town.

The interactions between the three characters are designed to give children a better understanding of the different types of bullying, as well as how and why bullying occurs, and its impact on the parties involved.

Will the three Scribblies work together and succeed, or will they put the mission at risk by picking on each other and fighting amongst themselves? What would you do if you were in their shoes? 

Visit the exhibition to find out.

Admission is free for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. The Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall is closed on Mondays.

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