Beating the Bullies, Their Way

July 2016

Close to 120 new student ambassadors attended our annual Bully-Free Ambassadors’ Training Camp, held on 15 and 16 March at Queenstown Community Centre.

They will now return to their respective schools ready to spread the anti-bullying message and encourage their peers to stand up to bullies.

Themed 'Be the Change, Be Bully-free!', this year’s camp drew 119 students, aged 9 to 11, from 13 schools. The emphasis during the two-day camp was on building positive friendships in order to foster bully-free school environments. The children participated in an interactive bully-free talk, Telematch competitions, and even created a mini anti-bullying campaign, complete with slogans, information panels and bully-free game booths.

The annual camp equips our young ambassadors with the skills and knowledge they need to spread the anti-bullying message, and allows them to play an important role in ensuring their schools remain a safe, bully-free environment for all.


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