An Adventure to Build Resilience

July 2014

Sixteen youth beneficiaries from Youth Centre (Jurong) tested their limits and scaled new heights during a three-day adventure camp in March to shore up on resilience.

Named You(th) Lead Camp, this year’s camp taught participants, aged 14 to 16, how to persevere through challenges and adversity. Held at the PA Pasir Ris Holiday Complex, it involved activities that challenged the young campers’ physical and mental limits.

They first faced an Amazing Race challenge, working in teams to quickly get through station games and team challenges. They played games like ‘Human Knot’, a disentanglement puzzle that teaches teams to strategise and work together while building a sense of camaraderie.

Camper Arsyad Bin Ajis, 16, said he learnt the value of pulling together as a team. “It was our teamwork that allowed us to complete the Amazing Race.”

Day two saw the campers reach even higher points at Bedok Reservoir Park’s ‘high elements’ obstacle course at Forest Adventure. Many not only overcame their initial fear of heights to complete the course, but even wanted to move on to the more difficult obstacles.

The youth also faced an unexpected challenge during their three-day adventure: they had to redeem the points they earned from the games for food ingredients, and then cook their own meals. This was to teach them to appreciate and not waste what they are usually given.

Singapore Children’s Society would like to thank the 24 camp volunteers who helped our youth in their journey towards greater resilience!


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