Adult Support Programme for Young Suspects Expands

June 2018

The Appropriate Adult Scheme for Young Suspects (AAYS) has been extended to support even more law enforcement agencies since Singapore Children’s Society was appointed as its service provider in early 2017. The scheme will be rolled out to all police divisions and law enforcement authorities by April 2019 


Under the scheme, suspects under the age of 16 are accompanied by a neutral adult during interviews with the authorities. This is to provide them with the necessary emotional support. When required, the adult will also facilitate communication between the suspect and the Investigation Officer.  


Children’s Society was appointed service provider for the AAYS in February 2017 for a period of two years. We recruit and train volunteers, and manage and activate them as needed.  


Volunteers must attend a compulsory briefing, followed by an AAYS volunteer training session before they can be activated. There have been three rounds of recruitment to date, the last held in January.  


Children’s Society will be conducting a fourth round of briefing and training in July and August 2018. Adults above the age of 21 can sign up as AAYS volunteers at 




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