Self-care and Friendship to Boost Young Defences

December 2014

Taking good care of oneself and forging strong bonds with others are important life skills that the children from Sunbeam Place are learning through a series of workshops conducted by YWCA of Singapore.

Ten children aged 8 to 12 attended four self-care workshops between June and October. During the sessions, they learnt about good eating habits, personal hygiene and how to deal with bullies, as well as about the emotional and physical changes that come with growing up.

Another 16 children in the same age group are attending friendship workshops. The nine sessions, which began in March and will continue until December, cover topics such as friends and enemies, understanding personalities, and relieving stress.

The children are enjoying the informative and interactive hands-on activities and group discussions, and have been encouraged to suggest how the workshops can be improved.

Thank you to our volunteers for facilitating their participation! 


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