More Virtual Prison Visits under Project LADDER

July 2015

Children with a parent in prison will be able to benefit from the Research and Outreach Centre’s expanded Project LADDER tele-visiting facilities in Bishan.

A second tele-visit room was opened in May this year, which means the Centre can now offer up to nine time slots a day for beneficiaries to use the video conferencing facilities, as compared to five slots before. For the children, this will mean being able to get a time slot more easily.

A joint project with the Singapore Prison Service, Project LADDER allows children whose parents are incarcerated to stay in close contact with them through tele-visits.

The Centre provides a warm, non-threatening environment for such visits, and also allows social workers and counsellors to offer support.

 “I’m very happy and comfortable every time my daughter and I come here,” says Mdm Noraini, 28, mother of a 2-year-old child who uses the tele-visit facility. “All the staff here are like family, they are all good and kind… I feel good visiting my husband here.”


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