Mitigating At-risk Behaviour in Youth

December 2014

When managing at-risk youth, what teachers must do is engage and maintain a positive relationship, while nurturing an interest in learning – that was one of they key takeaways for 30 teachers from the Ministry of Education who took part in the two-day workshop, Mitigating At-risk Behaviour in Youth, held on 27 and 28 May.

It was conducted by Dr Caroline Balhetchet, Senior Director of Youth Service Centre (Toa Payoh). The teachers learnt how to identify risk factors and signs, mitigate before problems arise, interprete the thinking behind the exhibited behaviours and continue to cultivate an interest in learning. They were also encouraged to share their own experiences.

“Misbehaviour is not exclusive to teenagers… Adults, too, misbehave when we perceive that we were being wronged,” explained Dr Balhetchet.

Child experts and academics have suggested that very young children who are not nurtured by their parents can grow up feeling alienated and isolated. This can eventually lead to withdrawn, hostile or aggressive behaviour.


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