Career Head Start for Our Children 

March 2015

Nineteen children from Singapore Children’s Society’s Children Service Centre got a sneak preview of the working world when they attended the three-day non-residential ‘Make It Work’ camp held at the Centre from 10 to 12 December 2014.

Before they got the consent forms to attend, they had to pass an ‘interview’ and impress the Centre’s staff with their desire for and commitment to the job.

Once the camp kicked off, each child was given the designation of project manager, marketing director, designer or executive, so they had clear roles and responsibilities.

Through assigned projects in their new ‘workplace’, the 10- to 12-year-olds learnt responsibility, persistence, respect and cooperation. They also learnt to design and build a chest of drawers, which they then had to ‘sell’ during a pitch to their supervisor.

Training sessions allowed them to pick up additional skills like fighting fair, effective communications, marketing, and the safe use of tools.

After each work day, the children received appraisals from their team mentors. Initial apprehension gave way to a desire to improve their performance the following day.

While the work was not easy, the children rose to the occasion, even putting in time to do research on design and marketing after ‘working hours’. In just three days, the children demonstrated how much their skills and character had developed. They were clearly proud of their achievements.

We hope these lessons come in useful when they embark on their real careers!









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