BFFs that Help Beat the Bullies

July 2014

Being tormented by school bullies? Perhaps your new BFF will be able to help. Not your Best Friend Forever, but your Bully-Free (Friendship) Ambassador.

Some 84 upper-primary school students from nine schools attended the Bully-Free (Friendship) Camp at Queenstown Primary School from 17 to 19 March, where they were armed with the skills and knowledge to come to the aid of victims of bullying.

Through fun and games, including an Amazing Race competition, they learnt about the importance of positive friendships as well as the negative impact of bullying.

By the end of the camp, the newly-minted BFF Ambassadors were charged and ready to help play their parts in promoting safe and friendly school environments. As she left, one of the BFF Ambassadors Tan Yu Min proudly declared: “My school will be a bully-free school, we will stop all the bullies.”

The BFF Ambassadors will now return to their respective schools and lead week-long Bully-Free (Friendship) campaigns.





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