A Very Special Birthday Present

July 2015

You are never too little to make a big difference – that is the lesson we can all learn from 9-year-old Kate van Zutphen.

When Kate celebrated her birthday in May, she told her friends not to bring gifts for her but instead direct their generosity to the residents of Sunbeam Place, in the form of bookstore gift cards.

Kate and her parents presented their special gift – gift cards worth $500 – to the then-Director of Sunbeam Place, Dr Siew Lai Keun, on 9 May. Dr Siew was most impressed by Kate’s kindness, and appreciated that her parents had taught her the value of giving.

In return, two residents of Sunbeam Place made and sent Kate with a Thank You card.

“Kate was so happy to see how her gift helped the children,” Kate’s father, Mr Glenn van Zutphen said, adding that she was keen to tell her friends at school about what she had done.

The gift cards will be used as “good behaviour” rewards for the children of Sunbeam Place, a residential home and gazetted place of safety for children who have been abused or neglected and are in need of protection, or whose parents are unable to provide proper care.

Kate presents her gift for the Sunbeam Place residents to Dr Siew Lai Keun, who was then the Director of Sunbeam Place.



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