A New Place to Chillax

December 2014

As a boy, Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Mayor, North East District, was quite small-sized – making him a prime target of bullies. In fact, he even considered joining a gang, thinking it might help. Thankfully, a good friend set him straight, encouraging him to focus on his studies.

“I know from personal experience that sometimes all it takes is to have someone point you in the right direction when you are about to cross the line,” he said.

Mr Teo shared his story during the official launch of the 25th Project CABIN at Seng Kang Secondary School on 18 July, where he was the Guest-of-Honour.

Guest-of-Honour Mr Teo Ser Luck in a game of foosball with the youth at the launch of the 25th Project CABIN.

Called SKY’s Chillax, an abbreviation for Seng Kang Youth’s Chillax, the latest CABIN has seen almost half the school’s students drop by this year. Like Children’s Society’s other CABIN projects, students get a chance to participate in leisure as well as enrichment activities after school hours, including competitions and organising campaigns.

There are plans for two more children and youth integrated drop-in centres, at Punggol and Chai Chee, in the coming year, revealed Mr Alex Lee Ka But, Chairman of the Social Work Service Standing Committee, Singapore Children’s Society.

Children’s Society first introduced Project CABIN 20 years ago. The community outreach project establishes youth drop-in centres at partnering secondary schools.

Programmes offered are constantly refined and reinvented to meet the changing preferences of children and youth.


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