The Society’s newsletter has seen changes to its name, masthead, design, and even delivery format over the years. But what has remained the same is its mission: to keep our supporters and beneficiaries up to date on our programmes and events, share our successes, and profile our supporters who have made a difference.

As the Society grew in its reach, our newsletter grew in its importance, capturing the range of services we provide, the different facets of the work we do, and the many people who drive them.

The earliest versions of the newsletter were simply called News and then Progress Report, and later, Children’s Convalescent Home Newsletter. We created our first physical newsletter, “NEWS”, in 1970 and in October 1991, it became SCS (short for Singapore Children’s Society) Newsletter, an eight-page full-colour publication. Some 2,000 copies were distributed to individuals, organisations and institutions connected with the Society.

Inside look: A copy of SCS Newsletter published in 1991

Five months later, in February 1992, the second issue was published, and from then, it became an annual newsletter.

Along with the Society, the newsletter, too, evolved, and in 1999, it finally became Sunbeam, taking its name from Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society, a residential home and gazetted place of safety for children.

We increased the frequency of Sunbeam, and it was published up to four times a year, constantly evolving to keep up with what readers needed and expected. It underwent several more facelifts through the 2000s, and in 2019, Sunbeam went fully digital, and became available on both our website and as an email newsletter. This allowed us to put out content in a more timely manner, and allowed our readers to access it whenever and however they preferred.

Going digital: E-newsletter announcement in March 2019

Today, we publish Sunbeam every other month, sharing our beneficiaries’ stories of resilience and the heart-warming journeys of our supporters. Our readers can engage with our content on various touchpoints, including our social media platforms.

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