Our Stories Story 2

Mr Lee Ming Seng and wife who placed their children at the centre after they ran into serious financial debts

First, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for letting my two sons enroll at Student Care @ Children's Society. My sons are blessed and fortunate to be here. My wife and I are relieved that our children are in good hands and we do not have to worry that they will go astray. We can now concentrate on our work.

At the centre, the children follow a well-balanced timetable schedule. They get to rest, play and study. There are also nutritious meals for them.

The staff and volunteers discipline the children, teach them to be responsible and inculcate in them the right values which will help them to be better people in life. The children are rewarded if they perform or behave well in school or at the centre. Similarly, if they misbehave, they will be penalised. For example, they will not be able to join the next outing.

Children at the centre do not have to feel inferior when their parents cannot afford private tuition at home. The centre has partnered with RJC (Raffles Junior College) for the many years to provide assistance in homework and school assignments by RJC student volunteers. Over here, every child is given a fair chance to be successful. No child feels left out.

At times, the centre also gives out sacks of rice, cooking oil, towels, instant noodles and biscuits to the children’s families. The centre also organises pro-family outdoor activities and regular workshops and talks for us parents.

During the school holidays, they organise educational tours and visits to places of interest, camping, farm trips and other activities. During festive seasons such as Christmas, there are Christmas parties and gifts and presents for the children from kind sponsors.

The staff and volunteers show great care and concern for each individual child at the centre. They bring joy and warmth to the children.