Our Stories Story 1

Sarah*, 14 years old

My greatest gain from joining the CABIN Club is to get to know a group of great friends who are very caring and supportive.

I'm Sarah from class 2E. I would like to share with you my experiences as a Project CABIN Club member. Project CABIN is a programme offered by Singapore Children’s Society, in partnership with my secondary school.

Before I joined the CABIN Club, I was a quiet girl who did not have much confidence. I was afraid to ask questions to clarify my doubts in class, for fear of being looked down by my classmates, or that they might think I want to attract my teachers' attention or that my teachers might find me a nuisance.

All this thinking changed after I was selected to be a Bully-Free Ambassador for my school. I was also chosen to be one of the presenters to spread the message of "No Bullying" to my fellow schoolmates during assembly.

I benefited a lot from the Bully-Free Campaign – from learning about the consequences of bullying, reasons why people bully others, what the victims could do to help themselves and the difference bystanders could make if they were to do the right thing to help! I learnt that I should do what is right and help the victims by informing the teachers, even if it meant running the risk of being the next bullying target or being called a busybody.

It then struck me that I shouldn't be too conscious of how others look at me as long as I'm doing the right thing. Today, I do not hesitate to raise questions in class to clarify my doubts so that I could understand the lessons better.

Besides the Bully-Free Campaign, my involvement in the Save-the-Environment Project had a positive impact on me as well. Not only did I gain better knowledge about environmental issues from the workshop organised by Children's Society, I also picked up artistic skills through decorating the posters and making the sculpture using recycled materials. We invested a lot of time and energy preparing for this competition, and we were delighted when we came in second, as our efforts had not gone to waste!

The various CABIN Club projects I had participated in have helped to make me a more civic-minded person. The CABIN Club is a CCA that teaches us qualities and skills which would help us in the future. Not only did I learn about co-operation and responsibility, there were also the values of care and concern for the less fortunate and our mother nature.

My greatest gain from joining the CABIN Club is to get to know a group of great friends who are very caring and supportive, especially my senior CABIN Club members who have guided us along the way.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my school for bringing in Project CABIN and to Children's Society for organising such great programmes. Lastly, a big thank you to all my fellow CABIN Club members for being a great bunch of people!



*Name has been changed to protect youth’s identity.