Steadfast supporters: (from left to right) Mr Leonard Sim, Mr Koh Choon Hui and Ms Doris Chow 

As Singapore Children’s Society celebrates 70 years in 2022, we also celebrate the dedicated volunteers and supporters who have been an indispensable part of our journey.

How did we get so far, and why do so many want to be a part of our mission? We asked our Chairman Mr Koh Choon Hui, fundraiser and volunteer of Singapore Children’s Society Mr Leonard Sim, and a befriender at Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society Ms Doris Chow. 

In a video created for our latest fundraising campaign, Project Hope & Smiles, they reflect on how far we have come since we started out in 1952, and talk about why they chose to be a part of this important journey.

While they come from diverse backgrounds, there are common threads in their respective decisions to help: the desire to give back, and to bring hope and smiles to our children, youth and families-in-need, whether through donating, fundraising or volunteering.

Getting together: Youth members having fun at our events (photos taken pre-COVID)

Doris was inspired to become a befriender in 2010 because she wanted to work with children, while for Leonard, it was about acting on an intention to give back. “What is important is to put the belief into action. Take the first step forward,” he says.

With the changes and challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years, especially for young people and families-in-need, the Society has had to find creative ways to maintain contact and deliver much-needed help, says Mr Koh. The pandemic put many events and programmes on hold, with some centres temporarily closing.

“We have learnt that in this age of disruption, we need to be well-prepared, and to remain nimble and flexible, and ready to help.”

Do your part in helping us make a difference by making a donation to Project Hope & Smiles here.