Started in 2013, the Singapore Children’s Forum (SCF) is a platform for children and young persons (CYP) in Singapore to express their views on issues that matter to them. Anchoring the SCF is Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) — that CYP have a right to participate in matters that affect them and for their opinions to be taken seriously.

To achieve meaningful participation, we hope to:

  1. Work collaboratively with CYP to co-create and foster a sense of ownership
  2. Create an environment that is safe for CYP to share and express themselves by providing support and relevant information
  3. Ensure inclusiveness and a wider representation of CYP
  4. Use the inputs of CYP meaningfully and to ensure accountability and closure
  5. Facilitate adults’ appreciation of CYP participation and encourage them to contribute to this process

Our pillars of work:

  1. Build a core group of CYP aged 13 to 18
    • Nurturing their abilities to participate meaningfully and to engage in decision-making processes
  2. Embark on adult education
    • Training and sharing on CYP participation for the wider community of adults
  3. Launch virtual engagement
    • Setting up a microsite to hold information and document the SCF
    • Engaging our local CYP and other stakeholders via social media networking sites

Themes that we will be exploring


  • Recruitment – Mid-April to mid-May 2021
  • Selection Interviews – end May to mid-June 2021
  • Core Group Orientation – mid-June 2021
  • Core Group Workshops – July to September 2021
  • Small Group Project – November to December 2021
  • Project Showcase – January 2022

For general enquiries, please drop us an email at