As many around the world marked this year’s mid-autumn festival, youth from RoundBox @ Children’s Society got to try their hand at creating the celebration’s typical treat: the mooncake, which represents the full moon.

Guided by RoundBox @ Children’s Society’s Youth Counsellor Ms Francine Foo, the 10 youth spent the session on 5 September 2022 creating no-bake oreo and royal milk tea snowskin mooncakes.

Making this traditional Chinese pastry, which symbolises completeness and happiness for the family, is time-consuming but rewarding, and the youth really enjoyed the process, says Francine.

“We got to be creative, since we were making the skins and fillings from scratch. I really enjoyed working with them, and the participants also enjoyed themselves – especially devouring the mooncakes long after the workshop ended,” she quipped with a smile.

Exercise in precision: Making a tasty mooncake takes time and care, but was still a lot of fun for our youth, says Francine (second from the right)

The participants were keen to dive right in, starting with preparing the ingredients.

Let’s roll: The filling is made into balls before wrapping it with snowskin dough

They then split into two groups, one in charge of making the dough for the mooncake’s delicate snowskin, and the other tasked with preparing the filling and rolling it into mini balls. The process was broken down into simple steps, with fun injected into each. 

It was an afternoon of kneading, rolling, flattening, and wrapping before the finished product could be pressed into mooncake moulds, and popped into the freezer for 20 minutes to cool. 

Perfection in every bite: A tasty and satisfying treat to mark the end of our workshop

Some couldn’t wait to dig in when the mooncakes reemerged, ready to be eaten. Others took their time, admiring what they had created.

“It was great to see how much fun everyone had acquiring a new skill, but it was also especially meaningful that they learnt more about a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation,” says Francine.

Want to pick up a new skill? Check out some of the classes available at RoundBox @ Children’s Society, including Wednesday baking classes.

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