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Tinkle Friend: Year in Review 2020

In 2020, staff from Tinkle Friend team worked with our Research Unit to study the role Tinkle Friend service played during the year, capturing their findings in “Tinkle Friend: Year in Review 2020.” 

This document provides a snapshot of who was using Tinkle Friend and highlights the trends observed during the year, underscoring children’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. Across helpline calls and online chats, the reasons children reached out to us ranged from their desire for casual chit-chat to a need for support on school-related issues, social relationships, mental health concerns, and bullying. 

Findings from this document highlight the crucial role that Tinkle Friend plays in supporting child users. They also highlight the need to let children’s voices guide our work and the need to promote mental health support among children, especially those who experience difficulties in accessing support from their existing social networks. 

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‘Jun and the Octopus’: Storybook on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

In May 2019, Singapore Children’s Society launched a children’s picture book on body safety to help caregivers and educators broach the topic of child sexual abuse.

Authored by Mr Goh Eck Kheng and illustrated by Ms Lim An-ling, ‘Jun and the Octopus’ follows the story of Jun, a boy who confronts his fears and finds the courage to tell his parents about a sexual abuse incident.

Sexual abuse is usually a topic that most adults find challenging to discuss with children. It is not uncommon to hear educators or caregivers struggle with where and how to start. Creating an environment where children are able to learn about sexuality and sexual abuse in an open and honest manner is the first step towards protecting them from harm, and stories are a powerful medium for children to learn about topics that are not easy to talk about.

‘Jun and the Octopus’ has a distinct Asian folklore flavour, which sets it apart from more Western-oriented books that deal with the subject matter. The book will help kick start meaningful conversations about body safety skills.

The book is available for sale at selected book stores, such as Books Kinokuniya, Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop, and Woods in the Books for $18 (before GST). You can also purchase it at Singapore Children's Society's Bishan Office located at 9 Bishan Place #05-02 Junction 8 Office Tower Singapore 579837.

Infant Study Newsletter 

This newsletter contains bite-sized findings from our infant research study.

We conducted a longitudinal study together with the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The study examines contemporary care-giving practices in Singapore, and how these might impact mother-child attachment and children’s socio-emotional development. Three cohorts of first-time mothers have taken part in this research study. A brief summary of findings has been published in this newsletter. More information and updates on the study can be found here.

'KidzLive - I Can Protect Myself' Information Booklet for Parents

KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself is an hour long programme conducted in pre-school centres that teaches young children how to protect themselves from sexual abuse. This programme incorporates interactive elements to teach children to respect their bodies, differentiate between good and bad touches and to tell a trusted adult if they are touched inappropriately. 

An information booklet is given to each child after the KidzLive programme. This booklet informs parents and other caregivers about child sexual abuse and contains tips on how caregivers can help reinforce body safety skills with the children. The booklet is also suitable for practitioners, as well as members of the public, who are interested in learning more about the messages relayed through the KidzLive programme and how they, too, can play a part in protecting children from sexual abuse. Please click to download the booklet.

Here are some tips for parents to teach our children body safety skills. Please click here for the full infographics.


We address the common concerns parents have about teaching body safety skills. Please click here for the full infographics.


Here are some key body safety messages to teach children. Please click here for the full infographics.


Parenting Guide on Babies (English and Malay editions available)

Parenting Guide on Babies is the first in a series of parenting guides put together by Singapore Children's Society. This guide aims to provide you with useful tips on care for your baby, from birth to a year old. Topics in the guide include ‘My baby won’t stop crying’, ‘My baby chews on everything’ and ‘My baby dislikes baths.

Please click the links below for the respective guides:

Parenting Guide on Toddlers

The second in our parenting guide series, Parenting Guide on Toddlers aims to provide you with useful tips on care for your toddler, aged one to three. This guide gives parents suggestions on how to cope when their child misbehaves. Topics in the guide include ‘My child won’t sit still’, ‘My child won’t listen to me’ and ‘My child is rough’. Please click here to download the guide.

Parenting Guide on Pre-schoolers (English, Chinese and Malay editions available)

Through a series of light-hearted illustrations, this guide on pre-schoolers provides tips on how parents can handle difficult situations with their pre-schooler, aged four to six, and explains why he may be behaving in a certain way. Topics in the guide include ‘My child wants my attention all the time’, ‘My child can’t concentrate’ and ‘My child lies’.

Please click the links below for the respective guides:

Project LADDER Caregivers' Guide

This guide is designed specially for spouses of individuals in prison who are often caregivers of young children. It aims to give insights on the difficulties and hardships the spouse might face and provide useful ideas on how to handle difficult situations during this trying time. Please click here to download the guide.

Building an Inclusive Early Childhood Intervention Ecosystem in Singapore 1988-2017

This monograph chronicles Professor Ho Lai Yun’s work in the area of early childhood intervention in Singapore in the past 30 years. It presents the current status of development so as to be a reference point for workers and researchers in the early childhood education, development and intervention field to bring their services to greater heights.
Other than his contributions in the medical field, Prof Ho is the Vice Chairman of Singapore Children's Society, as well as the Chairman of the Research and Advocacy Standing Committee. 
Please click here to download the monograph.

Raising Children in Singapore: A Paediatrician's Perspective

This article touches on issues related to raising children in Singapore. It was authored by Professor Ho Lai Yun, then-Chairman of the Research and Advocacy Standing Committee of the Singapore Children’s Society. Please click here to download the article.

Child Protection Services in Singapore: An Overview

The article touches on issues such as the definition of the child, the law and child protection in Singapore and the various services and programmes in place to protect children. It was authored by Professor Ho Lai Yun, then-Chairman of the Research and Advocacy Standing Committee of the Singapore Children’s Society. Please click here to download the article.

Children’s Social and Emotional Well-being (CSEW) Directory (3rd edition)

The CSEW Directory was first launched as a print publication in 2004, to consolidate programmes and publications targeted at children and their caregivers offered by local social service organisations. It aimed to enable social service practitioners and caregivers to seek relevant assistance to enhance the well-being of children. The print editions of the Directory were updated in 2007 and 2014. In 2011, Children’s Society created an online platform to complement the print Directory. The electronic CSEW Directory sought to reach out to a wider audience and to provide up-to-date information in a timely manner. 

Please be informed that the print and e-Directory have been discontinued from 1 July 2019. For information on programmes in the social service sector, please visit the Social Service Navigator, managed by the National Council of Social Service.

Singapore Childhood: Our Stories Then and Now

In August 2012, Singapore Children's Society published an English and a Chinese book on childhood in Singapore. Singapore Childhood: Our Stories Then and Now and《我们这样长大:新加坡的童年生活》 trace the political, economic and social changes that have taken place over the past six decades and how they have transformed the childhood of children in Singapore.

These changes are vividly brought to life through anecdotes and memories drawn from interviewees hailing from different races and age groups. Accompanied by archived materials and photographs from different sources, the stories in the books revisit various aspects of childhood such as birth, home, play, school, health and welfare. These books provide a unique insight into the past to young readers, and serve as a nostalgic read for adults.

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Speaking of Children: The Singapore Children's Society Collected Lectures

Singapore Children’s Society started its annual Lecture series in 2007. Since then, we have invited distinguished individuals from various fields to share their views on issues concerning children and families in Singapore.

To mark the nation’s Jubilee celebrations, Children’s Society put together the first eight Lectures and published them into a book in October 2015. This book sheds light on the transformation of childhood in Singapore, over our many milestones. It encompasses a mix of historical material and personal anecdotes from the speakers themselves.

Besides what was said at the Lecture, this book also includes brief biographies of each of the speakers and reflections they have had since their Lectures. Photographs and illustrative cartoons, some specially commissioned, provide readers with added insight into the various Lecture themes.

View our book trailer here.

To find out more about what each Speaker talked about during the Lecture, click here.

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Research Monographs

Singapore Children’s Society has, to date, published ten research monographs on social trends and issues related to children, youth and families in Singapore. To find out more about our completed research studies, and their respective monographs, please click here.